Pursat Child Sponsorship

Pursat Child Sponsorship (PCS)

Dates: 01 July 2010 to 31 October 2015
Area: Kravanh Pursat Province
Direct Beneficiaries: 147 families students
Budget: $13,400
Donor: ADRA Korea

Since the REFLECT group has established in 2005 with Women Empowerment project, the need of the people community was identified and voice out to whoever can help their children to have a brighter education. Children, boys and girls were disable to afford go to school due to they were poor and they have no development ideas to improve their income for daily survive. In additional parent have very low early childhood development that can be leaded abuse child labor.

To improve the economic and education environment for poor and vulnerable families in REFLECT Circle (RC) with children from 6-12 years in Kravanh district. Children are identified by education partner and Reflect Circle member and received assistant with supply medical checkup…to help them stay in school. There parent join the Reflect Circle and learn, on average once per-week, about topics that are chosen by themselves. Topics can include areas in child development and education, vocational and family health .In July 2010, ADRA Cambodia partner with ADRA Korea started Child Sponsorship as a pilot project with provision support 147 children in Kravanh district Pursat province.