Leakna’s impression about Jombok Hoas

Yin Leakna participated in training at Jombok Hoas Adventure Learning Center. It was her first time she participated in an ADRA project and it was in Preah Vihear province, far from her teaching place in Pursat province.

Yin Leakna said, “Here is my impression of Jombok Hoas Adventur Learning Center. There is a forest around me but I did not fear of anything because I stayed with my sisters (other female teachers). They all love me, the same as my siblings. When I was sleeping at night, I woke up at midnight and heard footsteps of someone walking. I was very frightened because all windows and doors were not closed firmly. In the early morning I told the story to all my sisters and manager there. The manager told me about the sound that I heard was the sound of the deer. He told me that there are many deer and they were coming at night to seek for food. After that, I saw some deer were walking around there too. My fearfulness was eventually dismissed and the next night I slept very well.

When I participated in Jombok Hoas’s activities, I was very happy. Some activities were a bit scary such as the Giant Swing, the Gibbon Swing, etc. Among those activities, I was interested in the Amazing Nails. After the facilitator explained about the Amazing Nails, I thought that no one could do it. In contrast, after seeing one boy do it, I realized that I was wrong! So, we can do everything through our struggle, commitment, and patience. After the facilitator reflected on this activity, I understood that everything is possible if we do it and do not give up or become hopeless. When I participated in activities, I was aware that I had lacked of something until now, because I have never done this type of thing before. Games and activities are critically creative.

Before, I had negative thoughts, I feared to do something new; I felt hopeless and negative about my teaching. I was always discouraged about what I did. The low payment I received for my work showed that I was not valued. Some gossip discouraged me too. However, after this training, I felt better. I started to give up my negative thoughts and I have a new positive way of thinking about my work. It is very useful to my community. I will find out something useful for my students. I will give more attention and care to my students and teaching; I will stop thinking negatively. This is what I have learned from Jomboak Hoas.

Finally, I would like to be grateful for the PAPSDA project and ADRA because they give me a valued opportunity. Thanks for all sisters and brothers (colleagues) who were good passengers together during our trip. I’m a community preschool teacher from Pursat province. I would like to wish all of you have happiness and successful in your work.