Connections/Volunteer Group Projects

We are always happy to host adra connections and volunteer groups

Connections group trips are arranged with partner ADRA offices as small projects that support the goals and objectives of larger sustainable projects, filling gaps that the current project does not meet. Every trip has lots of opportunities for interaction between the community members and volunteers, resulting in an appreciation for each other, good memories and sometimes lasting friendships. Each group does that fundraising for their own projects. Activities that the groups can participate include: Learning through play building child shelters, latrines, water tanks and playgrounds, well, Preschool, Teacher trainings, supporting schools and preschools, Environment campaign, Home gardening, Conducting kid’s clubs, and cooking demonstrations, and more.

Connections/Volunteer Group Projects

ADRA Connections: Building cafeteria for school feeding/education – Sahmyook Foods

Kravanh district, Pursat Provinces, 1 August 2023 to 1 October 2023

Volunteers from Sahmyook Food were planned as a complement to the PCS program. This group of volunteers aimed to improve the quality of life for poor families in rural Kravanh district so that they can have access to education and nutrition.   Learn more.