Prasat Model Preschool

Prasat Model Preschool (PMP) Project

Date: February 2013 to December 2023
Project Budget:
total project to date USD293,219 (Average Annual budget is USD41,888).
Annual Project Beneficiary: Direct (80 preschool students, Indirect 450 primary school students.
Target area: Project Target the following schools and communities:

  • Prasat Primary school+ Prasat Community located in Chhouk Ksach commune, Baray District, Kampong Thom province- Prs
  • Krasaing Chey Primary School+Krasaing Chey Community located in Baray Commune, Baray District, Kampong Thom province- Ksc
  • 2 community preschools+2 Communities (Prech, Serei Reach)

Donor: Kindercare Learning Centre (New Zealand) and ADRA New Zealand

Prasat Model Preschool project has been funded by Kindercare Learning Centre (New Zealand) since 2014. The project aims to enable children under six years to obtain a better foundation to peruse good quality education. The project objectives are to establish and enhance the primary school and preschool classroom and its curriculum practices; and to improve the community parents’ behaviour for better child development. The main outputs include: Preschool classroom resources are maintained and replaced when broken; Government and community preschool teachers are introduced to model preschool activities; Community parents and caregivers gain parenting skills; and Children under six years have improved nutritional status through practice of food security at their households.

Initially, in 2013 project has built one building with one kindergarten classroom at Prat Pramay school where there was no preschool yet. In 2014, Kindercare Learning Centre extended the support to build the primary school building, providing matching funds to Room to Read to replace the collapsed old building. Furthermore, the project has enhanced the school compound by building the surrounding fence, filling the soil, building latrines, a well, a storage room, and building a playground. Besides infrastructures, the PMP project has enhanced the teaching curriculum for preschool, training the teachers, organizing workshops to share the model activities to all government kindergarten school teachers in Kampong Province especially for those in Baray District. In 2019, the project supported to build playgrounds in several community preschools. Also, the project built another new building for Kindergarten in Krasaing Chey school in 2020. The project has provided training on parenting skill to all parents and caregivers to improve their behaviour for positive interactiong with children. The Project contributed through matching funds with the ADRA Nutrition project in the area to improve the nutritional status of children under 3 years. The Project continues to provide technical support for teachers to extend the model to other government preschools.

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