Transforming Motherhood: A Story of Growth and Connection

Rith Chenda Nita, a midwife with the Provincial Health Department, shares her inspiring journey of becoming a more engaged and effective parent.

As a working mother of a young child with another on the way, Rith Chenda Nita, 28 years old, found herself struggling to connect with her young son. “Before the training,” she reflects, “I lacked childcare skills and communication with my child.”

However, everything changed in May 2023 when she participated in the Learning Through Play and Making Mealtimes Matter (LTP & MMM) training offered by ADRA’s Best CHOICES project. This program opened her eyes to the profound impact of positive parenting practices on a child’s development and well-being.

Nita admits to prioritizing work over one-on-one time with her son, leading to concerns about his growth. “He wasn’t thriving,” she recalls. The LTP & MMM training empowered her with the tools to nurture a more enriching environment.

The transformation was remarkable. “After the training, I actively engaged with my son using the new skills,” Nita explains. “We now enjoy a strong bond, sharing meals, playing together, and creating lasting memories.”

The Learning Through Play & Making Mealtimes Matter (LTP & MMM) program empowered Nita to become a more effective parent. She passionately advocates for expanding the LTP & MMM program to healthcare workers, village health support groups, kindergarten teachers, and mothers throughout the region. “I am incredibly grateful to ADRA for this invaluable training,” she concludes. “Sharing these skills with others will create a wave of positive change in families across Cambodia.”

The Best Community Household Opportunities through Improved Community Empowered Solutions (Best CHOICES) Project is supported by the Australian Government and ADRA Australia.